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This little girl…

so special. We share a love of art and hopefully now, in addition, a love of reading. A parting gift for a year of sharing books and laughs.

Third grade reading proficiency is a critical component of learning and an indicator of long-term educational and life outcomes. Yet more than 43% of third-graders throughout Berks County are reading below grade level. That means that 1,996 children in our community - in urban, rural and suburban schools - are four times more likely to drop out of school and 13 times more likely to drop out if they also live in poverty. They are less likely to develop skills essential for contributing to the 21st Century economy and less likely to be effective citizens.

If you have an hour a week and a love of reading, consider this. Consider spending that hour reading with a child who needs some extra attention. Ready.Set.Read! Berks


What moves you? What do you give, positively, to our society? In a time when we are ready with quick criticisms at the tips of our keyboards, find the mirror instead. Spend some time with a child or adult who can show you a different perspective. It helps direct your attention. It helps to direct your attention away from the negative.

Come on warm weather… that helps too. :)


PS: Name illustrations start at $75 a piece pending size/detail. Email me!

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