Qualified & Advantageous...

Were you thinking question and answer? Well, you are still correct.

What do you do?
The short answer: I create. A longer answer; with my 8+ years of experience, I work with the beginnings of an idea (or maybe it's the pea under your mattress that won't let you sleep), then turn it into a logo, a publication, a website, an email, a social media ad, a wedding invitation, an environmental graphic, an illustration, a billboard, or just a plain old work of art.

I have specialized in College and University design and identity/brand oversight but I am always looking to evolve and test my imagination/skills on something new! If you would like to know more about my background and skills, please contact me and I'll be happy to share my resume.

What's the story?
Helping spread a [beneficial] message and art in all forms—those have been the two staples that bind together the pages of my career. I strongly believe in the idea that facilitating the effective spread of knowledge is what will strengthen our society and our bonds to one another. Design, to me, is visible, distinguishable communication. It is essential and wide-spread, touching every inch of our lives.

This lends itself as an explanation to my love of typography as well—which I view as an opportunity to explore the forms of our written language and to test and renew styles that have been tested an renewed for centuries. Typography is a challenge with endless solutions.

As with many in my field, my love of art started at a very young age and became a companion that followed me through and into my 30's. My fine art training started in college where charcoal and watercolor became, by far, my favorite mediums.

What is "process makes perfect?"
My goal as a designer is to use my training, toolbox and creativity to work with my clients to achieve mutual success! So I'd like to generally outline that process as needed:

Outreach, proposal, research + background, composition+ options, evaluation, refinements, deliverables.

I quote per job and I'm happy to work with clients with a budget. Using a freelance designer is an investment in a community member and a personal approach. I look forward to our partnership!