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I've been thinking, thinking, thinking about how to start this blog. I've contemplated writing about my love of typography (too easy), AIGA taking a stance on somehow licensing designers (too esoteric), the importance of non-profit work (too overbearing), or perhaps addressing a manifesto I hold near and dear to my heart (too first things first?). And then I thought, all of those things will come out one way or another, in time... For now, and for the day, I just want to speak generally about how important it is to think on, decide, and pursue what you love.

I'm not just speaking about careers. I'm speaking about people, places, pets, purpose; anything at all that fills up your world. It's also important to acknowledge the saints (sometimes hiding, sometimes obvious, sometimes new, sometimes old) who help you transcend boundaries, perceived or real, to achieve this existence filled with what you love. As an ex co-worker of mine had intelligently pointed out in the past, there is no such thing a self-made person—there are always people that helped along the way. It's good to take days to appreciate the people we love, in whatever form that takes. What you love, that is what makes up who you are—it's what makes up a life! 

I've had time now to step back from the hustle of an 8-5 job and take on new challenge that has flipped my perspective on life onto it's head. I'm speaking, of course, about the small (in physical size only) addition to my family. What was once two, is now three! I've spent endless amounts of time mulling over what my dream life would look like, what my dream job is and I realized I'm really asking myself what is in my heart, what do I love and how do I grab it and hold onto it? As with all things, it's taken time to get to this point (knowing what I love, feeling confident enough to move through it and being grounded enough to hold onto it.) My heart has come full circle on design and thanks to help from my husband and my baby boy (and can't forget my parents!), I can take the next step of branching out on my own to create and spill and paint and do what I love, with the support of the people I love.

Today, my inspiration is my son. Happy day of love.